Medical centre
In the large village of Jemo with its 20000 inhabitants there is no doctor and no real clinic to treat ill patients. To remedy this situation we built a hospital whose foundation stone was laid at a large celebration on 5 March 1999 that was attended by many guests including the German consul, Ulrich Maier. Mentally handicapped children performed beautiful dances together with their friends. In the medical centre and pharmacy there are already four doctors who examine and treat about 150 patients daily who come from up to 50 km away for treatment. There are alternatively dentists, optometrists, GPs and a homeopath working on location. Hygiene is very poor in some areas of India therefore much professional help is needed in this area.
Wartende Patienten, der Doktor und zwei Helfer
Weisser Krankenwagen

There are always German medical staff coming to Jemo to volunteer their services, sharing their technical knowledge with the Indian personnel and caring for patients.

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