Handing over a sewing machine

Job training centre for women in need
The organization is also part of a job training centre in which about 15 young women, who are either widowed, have been thrown out of home or whose husbands have left them, learn sewing and handicrafts. The women are only allowed to stay up to one year in the institute, after which they must make room for other women. Normally this is not a problem because the women have learnt so much that with the help of sewing machines they have at their disposal they can earn money to support themselves. To encourage a feeling of achievement and regard for the donation, the women who are supported by this program must pay back a small amount over time.

Donated rickshaw

Fostering self-sufficiency
You can donate a rickshaw and give a father independence. As a small thank you, a plaque commemorating the donor is placed on the back of the rickshaw.