School and education

School and education are the key for the future path in life, also in or especially in India. Therefore, the promotion of school attendance and vocational training is a special concern of the association Gandhikinderhilfe.
In the meantime we have placed about 250 children in a sponsorship. We finance the school attendance, books, clothing and livelihood as well as medical care for these children.

Kindergarten in Jemo
For early childhood support, we have set up a kindergarten for our orphans and children from the village of Jemo. Children between the ages of 3 and 5 can play, do handicrafts and sing (also in English).

Elementary school in Jemo
From 2020, a primary school (classes 1 and 2) will be built with the aim of ensuring a good quality school education for our orphans and godchildren (20 – 25 children per class).

The salaries of the teachers are financed by donations and fees. The state recognition of the elementary school has been applied for.

Tutoring – lessons

In order to achieve better school success, we have set up tutoring classes (up to class 10) in the mornings and afternoons for the orphans and godchildren. It is held by ten teachers and also “former” students who are already studying in specially equipped classrooms. In the afternoons we offer the children activities and games on our premises to give them a meaningful pastime and to keep them off the streets.

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